Wisconsin Inmate Search

Are Inmate Records Public in Wisconsin?

Yes, inmate records are public in Wisconsin. According to the Wisconsin Public Records Law, the public has the right to access and obtain records from government agencies, including inmate records. However, there are certain exemptions to this rule. For example, sensitive information such as medical records, social security numbers, and personal contact information may be redacted or exempted from public access to protect the privacy and safety of individuals involved.

How to Search for Inmate Records in Wisconsin

Members of the public can search for inmate records in Wisconsin by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Wisconsin Department of Corrections website at http://offender.doc.state.wi.us/lop/home.do.
  2. Click on the "Offender Locator" link to access the inmate search tool.
  3. Enter the inmate's first and last name or their Department of Corrections number, if known.
  4. Review the search results, which may include the inmate's name, photo, incarceration details, and release date, if applicable.

Residents may also be able to obtain inmate records from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections directly. The contact information for the department is as follows:

Wisconsin Department of Corrections 3099 East Washington Ave. Madison, WI 53704 Phone: 608-240-5000

How Do I Send Money to an Inmate in Wisconsin?

Sending money to an inmate in Wisconsin can be done by following these steps:

  1. Friends and families of inmates can send money through the Wisconsin Department of Corrections' Offender Trust Fund.
  2. To send money, individuals can visit the Wisconsin Department of Corrections website and follow the instructions provided.
  3. Alternatively, individuals can send money through the JPay system by visiting the JPay website and following the prompts.
  4. The maximum amount that can be sent to an inmate in Wisconsin may vary, but it is typically around $300 per transaction.

How do I Find an Inmate in Wisconsin for Free?

To find an inmate in Wisconsin for free, individuals can conduct an inmate search using the Wisconsin Department of Corrections' online inmate search tool. This tool allows users to search for inmates by their first and last name or their Department of Corrections number. By using the keyword "inmate search" and providing the necessary information, individuals can access inmate records and obtain information such as the inmate's name, photo, incarceration details, and release date, if applicable. It is not possible to obtain inmate records for free directly at the correctional facility.

How to Visit an Inmate in Wisconsin

To visit an inmate in Wisconsin, friends and families can follow these steps:

  1. Check the Wisconsin Department of Corrections' website for specific visiting information and guidelines at https://doc.wi.gov/Pages/OffenderInformation/AdultInstitutions/VisitingInformation.aspx.
  2. Use the inmate lookup tool on the website to find the inmate's facility and specific visitation rules.
  3. Follow the facility's visitation schedule and guidelines, which may include dress code requirements, identification verification, and prohibited items.
  4. Visitors are required to meet certain rules, such as arriving on time, following instructions from staff, and maintaining appropriate behavior during the visit.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Wisconsin

The types of correctional facilities in Wisconsin include state prisons, county jails, and juvenile detention centers. State prisons are operated by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and house individuals who have been convicted of more serious offenses. County jails, on the other hand, are operated by individual counties and typically hold individuals who are awaiting trial or serving shorter sentences. Juvenile detention centers are facilities specifically designed for the detention and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders. These facilities aim to provide education, counseling, and other services to help young offenders reintegrate into society.

Prisons and Jails

Northwest Regional Juvenile Detention Center County JailFond du Lac County JailGreen Lake County JailSheboygan County JailKenosha County JailManitowoc County JailAshland County JailDane County JailBrown County JailBarron County JailTaylor County JailDunn County JailIron County JailAdams County JailCalumet County JailBurnett County JailClark County JailLanglade County JailForest County JailWaukesha County JailGrant County JailFlorence County JailBuffalo County JailDouglas County JailMarinette County JailChippewa County JailCrawford County JailGreen Lake County JailEau Claire County JailAdams County JailDoor County JailIron County JailGreen County JailClark County JailForest County JailOconto County JailAshland County JailDouglas County JailColumbia County JailDane County JailWestern Regional Adolescent Center County JailColumbia County JailOutagamie Juvenile Detention Center County JailDane County JailRusk County JailBrown County JailBurnett County JailWaukesha County JailChippewa County JailMilwaukee County JailEau Claire County JailMilwaukee County JailFlorence County JailBayfield County JailBayfield County JailBarron County JailGrant County JailDodge County JailIowa County JailGreen County JailIowa County JailCalumet County JailDoor County JailBuffalo County JailJefferson County JailBeloit Police DepartmentPrinceton Police DepartmentGreen Bay Police DepartmentHayward Police DepartmentAppleton Police DepartmentPlymouth Police DepartmentFranklin Police DepartmentHartford Police DepartmentNew Berlin Police DepartmentChetek Police DepartmentMuskego Police DepartmentChilton Police DepartmentPhillips Police DepartmentMarinette Police DepartmentDodgeville Police DepartmentBrodhead Police DepartmentOmro Police DepartmentWauwatosa Police DepartmentWeyauwega Police DepartmentFort Atkinson Police DepartmentPittsville Police DepartmentSheboygan Falls Police DepartmentManitowoc Police DepartmentLa Crosse Police Department